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Joia Jefferson Nuri

Joia Jefferson Nuri


Joia Jefferson Nuri specializes in executive coaching, presentation and media training, message strategies, and events planning. She has written and coached keynote addresses for international organizations, congressional testimony, and six TEDx Talks. A prolific speaker and on air personality, Joia has conducted presentation coaching for government agency leaders, foundations, USAID project leaders and celebrities including Harry Belafonte and Danny Glover. Additionally, during President Obama’s administration, Joia planned two Presidential Inaugural Balls and public policy conferences in the US and abroad.

Joia began her media work as a TV technician for NBC, then CBS News. As the first African American women to become Technical Director of Face the Nation, Joia brought advances in race and gender relations that opened doors for other women and blacks in network news organizations. Eventually, she moved on to become the senior producer for BET, PBS and NPR affiliates, C-SPAN and local television stations in Washington, DC. As she developed a reputation for quality reporting, Joia’s work as an independent journalist, took her to West Africa where she covered the Ivory Coast and Nigeria’s emerging democratic movements.

With a vast knowledge of the inner workings of local, national and international newsrooms and international politics, Joia brings exceptional value to each of her client engagements. When she delivered the keynote address on race and sports in Vienna before the full body of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), she was lauded for her skill in articulating complex intergroup dynamics to a leadership audience. With a growing reputation and passion for representing third world economies, Joia was called upon to testified before a Congressional House subcommittee on aid to Haiti.

Joia serves as a political analyst and is a frequent anchor on the Roland Martin Show and on other network and local news programs. Her blogs are renowned for their insight on the impact of historical and cultural images on politics today. An excellent Mistress of Ceremonies and voice over artist, Joia has voiced documentaries and special exhibits for the Smithsonian Institution.

Listen to her at: inthepubliceyecomm

Samples of Joia Jefferson Nuri’s Work
PSA for United Nations Year of the African Descendent narrated by Danny Glover

Short Documentary produced for client by Joia

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