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Robinson Associates, LLC is an award-winning communication, public relations and marketing firm located in Washington, D.C with an innovative and creative team poised to deliver the highest quality services. Our team of professional communications strategists have more than 80 years of combined experience and work to ensure that our client’s public education, community engagement and marketing campaigns are strategically developed, well designed, flawlessly executed.

Our values-driven organization has a shared mission of developing singular communications strategies that generate favorable public acceptance and outcomes that exceed client expectations. Whether it’s public education, advertising, community relations, media training, or reputation management our work advances your agenda, provides support and achieves results.

We understand that what people feel, think and say about an issue or an organization shapes their beliefs and expectations. This why we look for opportunities to advance your initiatives in ways that matter to your target audience. We accomplish this by meeting people where they are, using appropriate solutions in communications strategic plans, marketing campaigns, social and digital outreach. Uniquely skilled in leveraging collaborations, we routinely cultivate relations that make a difference. Our goal is to convey ideas, initiatives, products, and programs in ways that create momentum and are well received. As the various layers of public and government relations become more intertwined, we navigate our clients through the nexus to find solutions which advance their agenda. As strategic thinkers who share a passion for quality, our creative teams make connections, which move client initiatives to public acceptance.

Our team members come from a range of disciplines that work in communications, marketing, government, journalism, marketing, design, and project management. They are creative and share a common value around integrity, professionalism and the joy of making a difference. We are careful stewards of our client’s trust and welcome the opportunity to represent your organization.

Service with Integrity

At Robinson Associates, we believe in value creation. We’ve embraced the moniker of achieving success for our clients by adopting and implementing the latest communications strategies with what technology has to offer. By developing intimate knowledge of our clients and their audiences, we thrive at bringing ideas to life, driving ROI and engaging the customer at every turn.

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Our Trusted Clients

We work closely with our clients to help them successfully execute their most critical strategies. See the long list of Robinson trusted clients.


It’s the accolades that keep us inspired to create groundbreaking work. Below are few awards that we cherish.

Emmy Award, Television News Coverage, WRC-TV
Emmy Award, Television
News Coverage, WRC-TV
Judge for RFK Memorial Human Rights Award
Judge for RFK Memorial
Human Rights Award
Spirit Award, Pacifica Radio Network
Spirit Award, Pacifica
Radio Network
Corporation for Public Broadcasting (PBS)
Corporation for Public
Broadcasting (PBS)

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